Monday, 5 January 2015

what to buy with my Christmas vouchers I here you ask

Christmas is OVER. DONE. TA TA. SEE YA L8ER. (p.s perfect time to buy a SERIOUSLY CHEAP Christmas jumper for next year just sayin') Sorry Mrs Obvious over here. But now Christmas is over, along with having to revise for exams in 2 weeks, which may I just mention I am doomed for, on the plus side I was awarded for Christmas with some lovely precious vouchers from Topshop. So there was obviously no better way I could procrastinate from my uni work other than by trawling through the Topshop website and deciding what I wanted to buy to make me look like a top FASHIONISTA. So here are my picks:

So.. I hope I've gone in some way of helping you spend your vouchers, and now you know how much I love a good polo neck. Now time for me to get on with some revision, wish me luck (gunna need it).

Aoife x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

ASOS Wishlist

So, after spending way too much money over the past few months what better way to occupy my time than to make a wishlist which tempts me to spend even more money! The past couple of months have been completely hectic; graduation, exams, prom and most recently a little girls holiday to Kardamena, it has been pretty fantastic, however with having all this fun, I've spent a bit too much wonga, but.. c'est la vie!

1. ASOS DIALOG Plimsolls

I am yet to own a pair of THE plimsolls, and with so many different patterns to choose from it is oh so difficult to choose. But, these ones in particular caught my eye as I've never seen any plimsolls quite like them before. I love how they sport autumn shades, and as me and my pale Irish skin are over summer already I love that quite a lot. Now.. Who wants to buy them for me?

2. ASOS Foldover Hologram Clutch Bag

My obsession with hologram is REAL. I cannot get enough of it, I love how different it is, and adding a bit of hologram to an outfit really does complete it. What also makes it so great is that hologram pretty much goes with everything as it's more of a metallic than a colour. But, if you were to sport it with one colour it would have to be lilac as the hues of lilac which shine off of the hologram looks pretty fab.

3. American Apparel Denim Pencil Pant

I am currently in the process of hopefully getting a job at American Apparel after having an interview, and a trial shift very soon, so hopefully all goes well and I can get that 50% discount. First on my list of things to buy will definitely be these jeans, as I lack any jeans like this, so these are obviously needed. However, these are ridic expensive so I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives which I will definitely be buying if I don't get the job ha

4. Casio LA680WEGA Mini Digital Black Face Watch

On holiday last week I realised how badly I needed a watch as I was constantly asking for the time, so I am making it my mission to buy a watch and this little cool, retro one will do just the trick.

Hope you enjoyed this little wishlist, and as a little extra here's a song I've been enjoying lately:

Tokyo Police Club-Hot Tonight

 Aoife x

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

a spring outfit

1. ASOS mom jeans in vintage wash-

2. UO kimono jacket-

3. ASOS white tank top-

4. River Island (ASOS concession)-

Just me who can't wait any longer for spring? I feel like spring is that perfect in-between of hot and cold, and at the moment, the coldness levels are at an all time high, oh, a long with the continuous rain showers e v e r y d a y. So, I thought what better way to prepare for spring and ignore the weather outside than to compile a spring outfit, enjoyyyyyyyy