Monday, 5 January 2015

what to buy with my Christmas vouchers I here you ask

Christmas is OVER. DONE. TA TA. SEE YA L8ER. (p.s perfect time to buy a SERIOUSLY CHEAP Christmas jumper for next year just sayin') Sorry Mrs Obvious over here. But now Christmas is over, along with having to revise for exams in 2 weeks, which may I just mention I am doomed for, on the plus side I was awarded for Christmas with some lovely precious vouchers from Topshop. So there was obviously no better way I could procrastinate from my uni work other than by trawling through the Topshop website and deciding what I wanted to buy to make me look like a top FASHIONISTA. So here are my picks:

So.. I hope I've gone in some way of helping you spend your vouchers, and now you know how much I love a good polo neck. Now time for me to get on with some revision, wish me luck (gunna need it).

Aoife x

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